HTML Editors

The web page can be created by any HTML professional simple. Its required not if the window and simple text creator. We believe using a simple text editor is a good way to learn HTML. Follow the four steps below to create your first web page with Notepad or Text Edit.

Step 1: Open Notepad (PC)

Open the Start Screen (the window symbol at the bottom left on your screen). Type Notepad.

Windows 7 or earlier:

Open Start > Programs > Accessories > Notepad

Step 2: Write Some HTML

Type or copy some HTML in Notepad.

<!DOCTYPE html>



<h1>My First Heading</h1>

<p>My first paragraph.</p>



Step 3: Save the HTML Page

Save the file on your computer. Select File > Save as in the Notepad menu.

Name the file “index.htm” and set the encoding to UTF-8 (which is the preferred encoding for HTML files).

You can use both .htm and .html as file extension. There is no difference up to you.

Step 4: View the HTML Page in Your Browser

Open the saved HTML file in your favorite browser (double clicks on the file, or right-click – and choose “Open with”).