A website is a group of web pages documents that are entered into the Internet. The one you’re watching now. A web page is you see on the screen when you type in a web address, click on a link, or put a query in a search engine. A web page can contain any type of knowledge and can combine text, color, graphics, animation, and furthermore. The Question is there any type. A website falls under the following general categories which are.

Portal website

A portal is a website that offers a variety of Internet services from a single, central differentiated. Most Of the portals to offer these free services: search engine; news, sports, and weather Web publishing. Which reference to tools such as yellow pages, stock quotes, maps shopping, email, and other communications services.


A news website contains interesting material including stories and articles relating to news, money, sports, life and time. Many magazine/newspaper supporter websites that offer summaries of printed articles, as well as the items not included in printed versions.


Websites are those sites which are created in order to provide a customized and branded resource for potential and active customers, members, investors and so forth. These websites are usually content and design driven.


A business/marketing website contains that promotes or sells products or services. Almost every company has a website of business/marketing.


A blog, short for Weblog, is an informal Web site consisting of the timestamp or post articles a diary or journal format usually listed in reverse chronological order. A blog that contains video clips called a video blog or vlog. A microblog allows users to post short message normally between 100 and 200 characters for others to read. Twitter is a popular microblog.

Online Social Network

An online social network also called a social networking website. Its use for the online community to share their interests, ideas, stories, and furthermore to other registered users. Most include chat rooms, newsgroups, and other communications services.


An educational website offers exciting knowledge teaching us formal and informal learning. You can learn how to style your hair or how to cook a meal. Furthermore, which related to your will.


An entertainment site suggests an interactive and charming environment. Popular entertainment sites offer music, video, sports, games, web episodes, sweepstakes, chat room and more.


An advocacy site contains content that describes a belief, opinion or idea. These websites commonly have views of a particular group or association.

Personal site

Mostly relative not regularly connected with any organization private person can have a personal site or a single Web page. People to issue special web pages for a different kind of logic. Some are job field. Others simply want to share life adventures with the environment. Uncommon websites can include any kind of note. Ordinarily administered by a single individual who can choose whatever to put online.

Web Application

The web app is a website that allows users to access and approve with the software through a web browser on any computer. The device should be connected to the Internet. Some Web applications enable you to have free access to their software. Others offer part of their free software and charge for access to the most general functions or when a particular action is entreated.

Content association

An aggregator of content is a business that collects and makes classifies web content or feeds, content Supporter free of